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~Upcoming Works~


Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL Literary Doujinshi

Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL Doujinshi: For This One Time Only
Pairing: Keyshipping, various
About: This is a chapbook style doujinshi focusing on Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL anime series. Everything in it is literary but manga illustrations are included. Projected word count is 8,000 words or less.

Story list so far:

1. Se Perdre (special story)

2. Feel the Cards

3. Thematic Statement (A Revelation for Dark Astral)

4. Dragon Duel (TSODR x Yu Gi Oh parody)

5. Boring, (So) Enter Me (shipping story inspired by the music of Retourne Chez Elle by Ariane Moffatt)

More will be revealed soon. Keep watching this site for updates,



historia 01 promo
The HISTORIA series

Pages: between 30 and 40

About: This new series of chapbooks is a meta-series within The Society On Da Run series but can still be read as standalone chapbooks. The HISTORIA series will have stories and poems taking place in historical times. HISTORIA 01 is halfway complete and its theme will be American history. Don’t worry, it won’t bore you.

Story list so far:
Theodore Roosevelt’s Dragon
Agni ~The Louisiana Purchase~


lulu historia promo 2

Pages: between 30 and 40

About: HISTORIA 03 will be the special one out of the bunch. As you can tell by the cover, it will have three flash stories coming from three different historical eras and they will focus on the aliens of the TSODR main series.

Science Song for Dragons

Sketch of tattoo art, modern dragon
Science Song for Dragons

Pages: between 30 and 40

About: This chapbook focuses on the sci fi stories that used to be in Dragons and Cicadas. It also includes new stories you won’t see anywhere else and has an edited, cleaner version of the eponymous story Science Song for Dragons. I had lots of fun putting this together.

Story list so far:

1. Science Song for Dragons

2. Annabel

3. Dragons Can’t…

Full list will be revealed on release day!

All My Ys-ers and Legends

all my ys ers promo

All My Ys-ers and Legends

Pages: between 30 and 40

About: All My Ys-ers, a story about the legend of Ys, will be included with this collection. That’s all I can reveal so far.

Website revamp, 3/22/2014


As you can see, this website has gone through some cosmetic and internal changes. This is no longer a site where I host my poetry and short stories. I leave that job to my books. Furthermore, that idea was never going to work anyway. This isn’t a blog either. I already have one. This site will simply serve as a showcase for my chapbooks and literary doujinshi.

This change does not affect anything. Now this site feels more lightweight (which I was aiming for in the beginning) and I have gained more knowledge in wordpress coding thanks to all the revamps I did to various themes I acquired. This website’s minimal feeling also reminds me of websites for Japanese mangaka and doujinshi artists (doujinshis are self published books, by the way. They’re normally comics).

Watch this page to learn about my upcoming chapbooks. As you can see, I already have one doujinshi in the works and it focuses on my love of Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL.

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